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The four points tour of Lake Tyler is a loosely governed circuit of the lake for which TYC maintains a history. The course can be traveled by sail or muscle power or any combination of the two. It's a fairly challenging sail due to some close-quarters sailing through narrows and tricky winds that typically haunt those areas. It's distance makes it a worthy challenge for a paddle craft. The paddled length of the tour is about 9 miles (typically longer distance sailed due to tacking) and, in reasonable conditions, it usually takes between 2 and 4 hours to complete. If you complete the tour, send your information: date, Skipper, boat, and elapsed time to Race@TylerYachtClub.org and you will be added to this list of honor.


Current Record Corrected Time by Sail: 93.21 minutes

Current Record Corrected Time by Muscle: 97.00 minutes

Point 1: North Lake Tyler Buoy: 32o15’49.26 N, 95o10’54.85 W

Point 2: West point of Langley Island: 32o14’13.87N, 95o10’54.80 W

Point 3: TYC No-Wake Buoy: 32o13’49.70 N, 95o09’44.60 W

Point 4: Middle Spillway No-Ski Buoy: 32o12’42.00 N, 95o10’03.31 W



1.Start and Finish at TYC No-Wake buoy
2.Round all 4 marks
3.Only muscle and/or wind propulsion
4.Clock may not pause while tour is underway
5.Sailboats’ time will be adjusted according to the boat’s Portsmouth D-PN.
   Paddle-craft times will be adjusted according to the formula: D-PN=254*(LOA/Beam)^0.5.
6.Race administered by the Honor System

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